Custom Solutions for the Nutritional Bar, Bakery, Confectionery, and Ice Cream Industries

Ingredients That Raise the Bar.

Barchemy designs custom formulations to achieve specific ingredient requirements or nutritional targets based on project demand. Our team can create your chocolate solution using unique, cleaner label ingredients from alternative sugar replacers to natural colors like spirulina. Supporting our customers is authenticated with the lowest minimum order quantity in the industry while remaining price competitive.

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Our Process

How does the development process work when partnering with Barchemy?

  1. Define

    Outline the details of the project and define the objectives.

  2. Formulate

    We’ll formulate the solution and provide a paper model including nutritionals.

  3. Sample

    After approval, a 2500 gram bench top sample will be produced from our lab.

  4. Produce

    Once the tasting sample is approved, we offer test batches up to 50 pounds.

Our Standards

All our products are designed with the following high quality standards:

  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO (where applicable and available)
  • RSPO Certified Oils
  • Non rBST Milk Ingredients (where applicable and available)
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free (where applicable)
  • Allergen Free (where applicable)

Our Story

Barchemy creates high quality chocolate and confectionery solutions for the nutritional bar, bakery, confectionery, and ice cream industry.

Our company specializes in no sugar added / sugar free, high protein, fiber enriched chocolate coatings, fillings, and inclusions to fit a variety of applications.

Since 2015 Barchemy has produced custom formulated chocolate and confectionery solutions driven by our customers to achieve nutritional or ingredient targets.

Taking a unique approach to the market, Barchemy formulates coatings, inclusions and confectionery fillings based on our customer’s requests.

Barchemy has a complete library filled with hundreds of chocolate and confectionery solutions to assist your needs.

Barchemy also offers tailor-made solutions with the low minimum order quantities, allowing us to design the proper solution based on your requirements.

Once the product you need is identified, our team can help you find the right co-manufacturer or co-packer.

Supporting customers is our core value and attention to details define our uncompromising quality standards.

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We specialize in custom solutions to fit a variety of nutritional bar, bakery, confectionery, and ice cream industry needs. Let's talk about how we can help your business.

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