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What can we create for you? Our high quality ingredients fit a variety of confectionery coatings, fillings, inclusions, and spreads.

No Sugar Added / Sugar Free

American consumers continue to eat less sugar and are seeking to avoid or control their daily intake. Barchemy offers no sugar added and sugar free confectionery coatings as well as cocoa butter-based solutions designed for numerous applications.

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Allergen Free

Barchemy has a dedicated manufacturing line that is free from the top 12 allergens: gluten, peanut, tree nut, dairy, egg, soy, corn, sesame, mustard, coconut, fish, and shellfish. Our team can formulate using unique ingredients while maintaining superior quality and delivering better-for-you chocolate products.

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High Protein

Our team has a library of protein sources including plant protein substitutes for you to choose from when building your custom product. We'll design your product to meet nutritional requirements using specific ingredients.

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Custom Formulation

Barchemy offers a wide range of innovative solutions that best fit your application. As you formulate your products, sourcing the ingredients that fit your end goal is of extreme importance. Barchemy designs the solution you need, in the format that best applies to the project.

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How your food is grown can have a significant impact on the environment as well as your well-being. Every year more and more Americans are switching to an organic lifestyle to improve their mental and physical health. Barchemy has developed organic solutions for confectionery coatings and chocolates that can be used in multiple applications.

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We specialize in custom solutions to fit a variety of nutritional bar, bakery, confectionery, and ice cream industry needs. Let's talk about how we can help your business.

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