Confectionery Ingredient Manufacturer Launches New Production Line Free from Top 12 Allergens

Pittsburgh, PA (10/19/2021) – Barchemy, LLC, an emerging leader in Better-For-You (BFY) chocolate, nutritional bar, and confectionery ingredients, announces the launch of a dedicated chocolate production line free from the top 12 allergens. The new, dedicated line is the result of a 40,000 square foot expansion at the company’s Donora, PA manufacturing plant and adds significant new capacity.

"We pride ourselves on being focused on the Better-For-You space, which centers on products with no added sugar and/or sugar-free and consists of high protein and fiber-enriched chocolate, chocolate coatings, and fillings. With the launch of our new production line, our team is providing capacity for allergen free options that doesn't sacrifice taste while utilizing the benefits of dark chocolate and no artificial sweeteners," said Larry Toscano, President and CEO.

Since its inception, Barchemy has offered a variety of products that meet the health and wellness goals of formulators and manufacturers targeting health-conscious consumers. The new dedicated line will be housed in the company’s state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot addition, which is adjacent to the company's existing manufacturing plant and corporate offices.

The Better-For-You Barchemy manufacturing line addresses an industry need as eating habits change among consumers. This specific line will be free of gluten, peanut, tree nut, dairy, egg, soy, corn, sesame, mustard, coconut, fish, and shellfish.

"With this added capacity, Barchemy is in a position to bring the BFY category components that have been lacking and requested by our customers as eating habits of their customers’ trend toward healthy alternatives," said Toscano.

The newest addition to the Barchemy facility is open and the production line focused on allergen-free products will be available January 2, 2022. This latest development features cutting-edge equipment manufactured by Aasted specifically for this facility.

Founded in 2015 by Larry Toscano, Barchemy specializes in high quality, custom-formulated chocolate and confectionery ingredients for the nutritional bar, bakery, confectionery, and ice cream industry. The company offers complete R&D technical services that can formulate using unique ingredients while maintaining superior quality and delivering better-for-you chocolate products.

About Barchemy LLC

Barchemy offers tailor-made solutions of coatings, inclusions and confectionery fillings with low minimum order quantities ranging from several thousand pounds to over one million pounds. The formulation team at Barchemy collaborates with companies to design the proper solutions based on specific product and brand requirements. Barchemy maintains a GMP employee training program, allergen controls, HACCP certification, SQF Level 2 certification, and is FDA registered.

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